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START is a subsidiary of the Seacoast Chief Fire Officers Association Inc. The team operates out of two equipment trailers located in Exeter and Portsmouth. These trailers carry a majority of the team's equipment. A portable Decon shelter is located at the Dover Fire Department. The States mobile Decon unit was returned to the State office of Emergency Management. The Team's equipment assets exceed $250,000. The Team is also supported by the communications trailer from the City of Portsmouth, air units located in Lee, Rochester and Rye. In 2007 Homeland Grants purchased 2 light towers, a Haz-Cat WMD System and a Thermal Imager to improve the teams capabilities.

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The Seacoast Technical Assistance Response Team provides an all hazards, all planning, emergency hazardous materials response by combining the resources of the fire service, communities, industry and individuals. This regional concept, as promoted by the Seacoast Chief Fire Officers Association, is progress through cooperation that provides for the protection of life and property while giving top priority to safety and environmental concerns.